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My practice is based around the structural integration of your physical body and its history of stress, injury and repetitive action. I incorporate Cranial Sacral therapy to unlock unconscious patterns of stress holding and response. By integration of neuromuscular and manual therapy to re-pattern injury, trauma, and stress patterning we can re-write your body’s story of pain and dysfunction.

Combining Eastern Energetic Philosophy with Manual Therapy techniques like Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Joint Mobilization, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Massage we can unwind and restore optimal functionality in your body. These treatments also bring mental clarity, balanced emotions and a deep connectedness to your body.

Treatments for Pain, Joint Dysfunction or Immobility, Post surgical Rehabilitation, Injury Rehabilitation, Trauma, Breathing Disorders, Headaches, Postural and or Structural Dysfunction.

I began my practice with the body at a young age with mediation and yoga with my Grandmother. Through Martial Arts, Skiing, and Surfing I studied balance and the physics of movement.

I studied Sports Medicine for two years before being pulled into the lure of exploration and travel. I currently have over 1200hrs of Bodywork, Massage, Cranial Sacral and Movement training.

Our bodies hold the story of our entire lives.

The better your body functions, the better your story will be.

Contact Christoph at (530) 412-1305


60 minutes – $90
90 minutes – $130